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The home textile industry is off season. What are your competitors doing?

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  Home textile industry in the marketing process, many enterprises will think so, summer, home textile industry off-season is also approaching.

  So almost all home textile enterprises every to this season, will do two things.

  One is to use price promotion war as the main weapon to seize market share with competitors. Over time, the price war has become a regular war, and in this silent war, the profits of enterprises fall sharply, and the weak enterprises will even be dragged down by the market.

  Second, negative response, blame, waiting for the arrival of the busy season. In this context, only by looking beyond the industry and finding a new path will companies end up going further and further down the wrong path.

  So, the home textile industry in the so-called off-season, what should be done, can bring unexpected help to the enterprise, the following is a few off-season for the peak season profit promotion:

  One, things light people not light, improve people's ability

  The quality of the shop assistants determines their competitiveness in the sales terminal. A well-trained marketing team is the premise and guarantee for enterprises to win in battle. In the off-season when enterprises do not need large-scale use of troops, it is necessary to effectively rectify the team, especially the marketing team. Therefore, the training of marketing personnel is also the top priority at this time.

  Therefore, the sales off-season is a good opportunity for home textile enterprises to recuperate, is to make up for the weak part of the market promotion moment, strengthen their competitiveness, ready for the arrival of the sales season.

  Second, the market light and promotion is not light, adhere to the regular promotion

  Do you want to do sales promotion in the off-season? Must be! Some home textile boss think since it is the off-season arrived, even if do promotion also have no sales, it is better not to do, lest waste resources, this is not to understand the market, do not understand the idea of consumer psychology.

  Off-season not only to do promotion, and more emphasis on promotion of off-season market leverage and help. How to do off-season promotion? What are the principles?

  1, pay attention to the novelty of sales promotion rather than the pursuit of too much force.

  Slack season is an easy time for enterprises to relax, the market is relatively flat, home textile enterprises pay attention to looking for other investment opportunities, this is an easy time to implement the encroachment strategy. But at this time, the activity should not be too big, the focus is to communicate with the customer's feelings, especially the COMPETITOR's VIP customers, in order to improve their own sales network, so you can take gifts, a small amount of test marketing, personal relationship communication and other means, and finally establish a buying relationship.

  2, off-season to take pre-sale mode.

  Many bosses think that it is a misunderstanding to do sales promotion in the off-season without great efforts to lose the appetite of channels and consumers. In terms of the current consumption psychology, consumers have been accustomed to the influence of sales promotion on themselves. Sales promotion does not have to be strong, but to pay attention to the advantages and novelty, so that consumers have a cheaper mentality than usual to buy.

  In the off-season, both brick-and-mortar and online marketing can promote winter trends at relatively favorable prices or deal with backlog products. This is done through the sale of the time difference, to compete for the competitor's peak season market.

  Off-season does not do sale promotion, the market does not have action, consumer is to need to stir ceaselessly, make noise is happier, the impression that consumer is opposite you is deeper, peak season comes when can remember you more, the rise of sale volume also is the thing with reasonable reason.

  Third, cater to the season, diversification to expand the market

  At a time when sales of traditional four-piece quilts were plummeting. Just the summer products such as: mosquito net, mat hot selling season! Try to expand the category of products, so that in the home textile off-season, will also increase a part of the sales.

  Iv. Assist the terminal store in intelligent upgrading and improve the terminal experience

  In the era of market economy, no matter what kind of products, if they want to be invincible in the fierce market competition, the quality of their products and the excellent service provided by enterprises are both indispensable. This is especially true for home textile products that are directly facing consumers.

  Traditional sales models, such as bulk sales, card hanging sales, board sales, chart sales, etc., are difficult to jump out of manual shopping guide, manual measurement calculation and other tedious and inefficient steps, and style is more difficult to meet the increasing needs of customers.
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