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From cross boundary to no boundary home textile & furniture will join hands for five times

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  As a large-scale and influential home textile exhibition in Asia, China International Home Textile and Accessories Expo is not only an opportunity for home textile enterprises to communicate with buyers, but also a weathervane for important trends of home textile industry at home and abroad. The fall 2019 exhibition will be officially held on August 28. As the host of this exhibition, China Home Textile Association has prepared a variety of negotiation and exchange activities, among which the fifth direct communication meeting between home textile and furniture industries will be held in Booth D99, Hall 6.1.

  The fifth cooperation between home textile and furniture enterprises, compared with the previous direct contact, the number of TOP enterprises in the two industries participating in this conference has reached a new height. More than one thousand enterprises to promote touch, more than one hundred enterprises on-site negotiation, more large-scale publicity, more in-depth communication, more influential platform. This meeting, proceeding from reality, will allow more enterprises to make their voices heard and more cooperation to take place.

  The scale of the home textile exhibition is huge, with seven pavilions open at the same time and more than 1,000 exhibitors from 26 countries taking part in it. A wide range of products, including: bedding, curtains, furniture, leather fabrics, decorative fabrics, towels, bath MATS, as well as the overall home and soft furnishings. The exhibitors include Zhenbei Group, New Silk Road Cloth, Hengli Cloth, Yinuowei Textile, Hexin Textile, etc., which are among the top 500 textile and garment enterprises. In addition to the supply of raw materials, the exhibition also has a "whole home decoration exhibition area", not only soft decoration, customization, but also can give detailed soft decoration supporting support, and strive to achieve the service.

  Cross - boundary hand in hand to create a new model

  In the context of increasingly rich categories, increasingly diversified channels, and changing consumer groups, the market has entered a highly competitive and cooperative era, with more competition and more cooperation. During this exhibition, strictly controlled by the Home Textile Association, more than ten high-quality home textile enterprises with strong growth potential, strong enterprise strength and perfect service system were screened out layer by layer to conduct face-to-face face-to-face communication and efficient matching between senior managers and TOP enterprises in the furniture industry, so as to build a brand new cooperation and communication platform.

  The furniture enterprises that participated in the meeting include: Red Star Macalline, Incredible Home, Moon Star Household, Gu Jia Household, Iris, Skexin Household, Holy Image Group, Mu Li Mu Wai, Qingdao Yi Mu, Bright Furniture, Selian, Jin Ke Er and other leading enterprises in the categories of commercial, software, custom and solid wood suites. At the appointed time, there will be each big outstanding enterprise representative carries on the scene road show, speaks the idea, discusses the demand, promotes the home textile, the furniture both sides cooperation more directionally.

  We will work together for mutual benefit and win-win results

  In recent years, home textile and furniture in the product of form a complete set, sales channels and supply chain integration of multiple forms of cooperation, the closer together, excellent home textile and furniture enterprise cooperation cases increasing, in the foreseeable future in the market, only the dual drive home textile and furniture industries, to give the people bring a broad future in industry.

  With the demand of consumers for internationalized products and fashionable life scenes, home textiles and furniture take advantage of each other, see the market trend clearly, grasp the opportunity point of enterprise development, explore the business map of both sides with cooperation, and make the home more warm with a professional perspective.
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