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To ensure the smooth operation of the foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain

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  China has the largest manufacturing system in the world with the most complete categories and the most complete supporting system, occupying an important position in the global industrial chain and supply chain. As the epidemic prevention and control situation in China continues to improve, the order of production and life is being restored at a faster pace. The Customs has strengthened its support for the smooth operation of China's foreign trade industrial chain and supply chain, and accelerated the resumption of work and production of domestic enterprises, thus providing strong support for the maintenance of the global industrial chain and supply chain safety.

  We learned from the General Administration of Customs that the customs of the whole country will cancel the restriction on the import of epidemic prevention materials or materials urgently needed by enterprises for the resumption of work and production. For the import of machinery, equipment and raw materials urgently needed by enterprises, homeopathic supervision shall be carried out during unloading and equipment installation to reduce the proportion of inspection submission. We will support the expansion of the import of agricultural products and food, open green channels for the import of agricultural products and food at key ports, and carry out 24-hour pre-ordered customs clearance, giving priority to inspection and testing.

  In view of the restrictions imposed by many countries on China's food export during the epidemic period, the General Administration of Customs intensified negotiations, urging five countries to lift or adjust the unreasonable restrictions on China's food export, and helping Chinese enterprises to pass through the customs smoothly the aquatic products with the value of about 9.1 million yuan which were delayed for 25 days in Port.

  In addition, the country's customs expanded the scope of the trial supervision of the purchase and export of processed food market, and assessed the registration of the production and processing units of exported agricultural products during the epidemic by means of document review and registration immediately. We will support the development of comprehensive bonded zones, and introduce detailed measures to facilitate domestic sales, AEO certification and credit cultivation. We will comprehensively replicate and promote regulatory measures for cross-border e-commerce exports and returns.

  According to statistics, since February 1, the General Administration of Customs has approved 14 imported animal and plant products from seven countries, including fish oil and fish meal and feed additives. New approval of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, the United States, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Egypt and Spain, 13 countries registered fruit orchards 588, registered fruit packaging plants 220. 1,549 foreign food production enterprises from Russia and other countries were newly approved to register in China in 6 categories. From January to February, China imported 1.25 million tons of meat (including chop suey), up 69.6% from the same period last year. There were 7,600 imported breeding cattle and 175,579 breeding birds.

  Local customs administrations have also creatively implemented various measures taken by the General Administration of Customs to support the development of China-Europe freight trains in light of their actual conditions. Chongqing Customs innovates and optimizes the supervision mode of China-Europe freight train (Chongqing), which reduces the time of railway transportation by more than 50% compared with sea transportation, while the logistics cost is basically the same as sea transportation. Shenzhen Customs extends the "starting point" of the China-Europe freight train to the Qianhai Bay Bonded Port area, and further opens up the international logistics channel through the goods circulation and multi-modal transport between the special customs areas, which breaks the limitations of railway transport in the western Port area of Shenzhen and strongly supports the resumption of work and production of enterprises.
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