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How big is the impact of the epidemic? What do the spinners say these days

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  According to real-time statistics released by Johns Hopkins University in the US, as of 0630 GMT on April 9, there have been a total of 1504,971 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, 87,984 deaths and 318,068 cures. The outbreak of the epidemic has undoubtedly brought huge impact on all walks of life, what kind of impact on the textile industry, and see what the textile people say below.

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  • Speaker: The cotton industry is in an extremely difficult situation. State purchase and storage of cotton cannot solve the impact of order cancellation and subsequent order termination on the whole industry.

  • Spokesman: My friend's factory is a private one with a monthly rent of more than 200,000 yuan. The textile industry had a booming business last year, with dozens of machines producing around the clock. Since the outbreak of coVID-19 to the current outbreak of coVID-19 overseas, my friend has not started work until now. If a security guard watches a large factory, my friend will close it if it does not get better by the end of April. This year's epidemic do not know how many large and small factories are still holding up, so sad!

  • Spokesman: Friends in the textile industry complain that a large number of foreign trade orders have been cancelled. We do not know when the epidemic will end. Factories engaged in foreign trade will be greatly affected. It's good to live, but I don't expect to make money this year. I'm lucky to lose a little money to keep me going.

  • Spokesperson: Due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, fewer and fewer people go out to shop, and the sales volume of clothing stores will decrease accordingly, which will affect the whole upstream and downstream industry chain. Domestic disease in China is gradually under control, but according to check the inner eye pro: our country engaged in textile, textile and garment, apparel manufacturing enterprise exceeds 126, although our country textile clothing manufacturing markets opened resume work already more than half a month, but affected by the epidemic, 2 - enterprise new incremental fell 50.9% in March, a lot of clothes buy offline store to alleviate the problem of reduced traffic and towards online live broadcast.

  • Huang Hui (not her real name) : I know some factory owners who work for brands like Uniqlo. It may be better to be a factory in Japan than a factory in Europe and the United States, but Japanese customers, including Uniqlo, are afraid to place orders for autumn and winter.

  • A textile owner said: the decline in grey fabric has far exceeded the decline in raw material costs, resulting in a loss of profit and a "loss of one meter of production."

  • Textile factories all over the country have said to varying degrees: after receiving the customer's notice to delay the delivery or directly stop the order, some enterprises consider to turn to the domestic trade market. At present, the domestic trade market mainly sells through electronic sales channels. Offline stores have improved with the improvement, but are still far from the same level. At the same time, residents due to unemployment, income decline and other consumption contraction, also curb clothing, shoes and hats consumption, or consumption downgrade. At present, downstream businesses can only reduce prices to the main library.

  • Spokesperson: We do spot goods, because after the epidemic, our business is in a state of blowout. The production capacity of the existing factory really cannot meet my quantity, so now We are looking for cooperation with the shuttle weaving factory.


  Certainly deeply hurt the textile industry of the impact of the epidemic, as overseas epidemic outbreaks continue, textile, as one of the major export products of foreign trade, its influence is thorough spinal cord, but not to the point of absolute pessimism, there is always hope, as in various countries and various areas on high alert and epidemic prevention measures, as soon as possible for end of the outbreak, the whole business is about to restore order. The textile workers who are suffering from the epidemic and practicing good internal skills will shine in the post-epidemic era.
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