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  As a result of the ongoing outbreak, fewer than 20 countries remain free of infection. In countries where the pandemic has occurred, the economy and society are largely at a standstill. The United States, the locomotive of the global economy, recently announced that its epidemic prevention measures would continue until April 30. The organizer of the 2020 Spring Joint Exhibition of China Textile Federation has decided to merge the spring Joint Exhibition with the Greater Bay Area International Textile and Apparel Expo to be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from July 15 to 17. On April 8, under the command of "lifting the blockade of the city", Wuhan removed the control points of the passageways between Wuhan and Hubei. Seventy-six days after the blockade, Wuhan was re-connected with the outside world… What other major events at home and abroad not to be missed occurred in the textile and garment industry last week? Global textile network small series for you to organize the following hot, let us review one by one.

  1. The industry as a whole picked up in the first quarter

  With the increasing stability of the epidemic in China, the resumption of work and production of the upstream and downstream of the textile industry chain has been basically synchronized, and the overall coordination of the operation of the whole industry chain has reached a normal level. In March, on the basis of relative anomalies in January and February, the economic recovery is larger. Although the data in January and February were very low, in March, a considerable proportion of the market was selected where the total business volume, logistics shipment quantity, passenger flow and door opening rate were the same or continued to decline as in January and February. Although the market operation was slightly improved, there was still a certain distance from full recovery.

  2. The epidemic continues to play a major role! Press the "Start button" successively for textile projects in many places.

  At present, the challenge brought by the global epidemic is still urgent. However, the "accelerated race" to resume work and production in China has already started. Recently, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, a number of textile and fabric projects are being carried out in an orderly manner, starting to accumulate new momentum for the high-quality development of the textile industry.

  3. Wuhan unsealed! How can the textile industry survive the epidemic safely

  As wuhan light to return to work and production of signal in early march, wuhan existing diagnosis "will be coronavirus" gradually has dropped below five hundred, the national no new outbreaks in mainland, on April 8, in "relieve urban traffic control" commanded, wuhan unified removed from han from hubei channel control card points, after 76 days, the city of the sealing channel to unicom wuhan with the outside world. Each of them wore a face mask and moved in a safe and orderly way according to the Hubei Health code "Green Code".

  4. Affected by the epidemic, many ports in India have been closed! More than 50,000 containers stranded!

  Since March 25, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day state blockade, the country's major ports have basically been in a state of "shutdown". , according to a new report from the foreign media since covid19 virus, a truck driver going home, port service, because no one to pick up the goods, in chennai, karma jalal and Paris card figure 23 container freight station and private container terminals, there are more than 50000 shipping containers are not clearance, major port and freight station traffic jams!

  The global economic locomotive has come to a halt! Textile foreign trade industry may face a greater impact

  As a result of the ongoing outbreak, fewer than 20 countries remain free of infection. In countries where the pandemic has occurred, the economy and society are largely at a standstill. The United States, the locomotive of the global economy, announced that the epidemic prevention measures would continue until April 30.

  6. The Merger of Shanghai and Shenzhen will be jointly unveiled in Shenzhen in July

  High-profile ZhongFang league spring exhibition in 2020, according to the major platform for the official announcement in order to ensure the safety of the crew and the effect, after comprehensive study and various opinions, the organizers decided to spring exhibition merged with large bay international textile clothing accessories fair, on July 15 to 17, held in shenzhen international convention and exhibition center, They include The Greater Bay Area International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo, CHIC, PHValue and YarnExpo.

  7. For a long time, "sealing dish reluctant to sell" reappear polyester market, the sudden surge market who in the bottom?

  After a period of gloom, international crude oil prices have rebounded sharply. Oil producers could implement cuts equivalent to about 10 to 15 percent of global demand in anticipation of a global oil cut next week. Last week, U.S. oil rallied more than 30 percent in retaliation, while Brent crude futures surged more than 20 percent, both Posting their biggest weekly percentage gains in history.

  8. What's new! The 127th Canton Fair will be held online in mid-to-late June!

  Premier Li Keqiang presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on April 7, which introduced a series of measures, including setting up a comprehensive pilot zone for cross-border e-commerce, supporting processing trade, and holding the Canton Fair online. We decided to continue implementing some tax support policies for financial inclusion and small loan companies.

  9. A series of favorable "timely rains" for the textile enterprises to resume work, China's PMI picked up to 52% in March

  At present, China has achieved significant progress in coVID-19 prevention and control, and the resumption of work and production across the country is progressing in an orderly manner. In response to the difficulties encountered by enterprises in resuming work and production during the epidemic, national ministries and commissions, local governments and industry associations, from the central government to local governments, made frequent interventions. On April 3, the People's Bank of China decided to cut the reserve requirement ratio for small and medium-sized Banks by 1 percentage point… A series of policies have been implemented. While consolidating the achievements of the epidemic prevention and control work, we have accelerated the resumption of work and production of enterprises, and continued to encourage them to increase oxygen supply.

  Stop production in half in peak season! Shaoxing finally Launches "Stepping Fish project"

  Keqiao district of Shaoxing has tens of thousands of industrial enterprises and the annual output value of manufacturing industry exceeds 250 billion yuan. However, since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the global epidemic, many enterprises have been hindered in their foreign trade, their industrial level is not high, and leading enterprises are particularly weak. This spring, Keqiao district launched a high-quality development plan for manufacturing industry named after a common local freshwater fish, "Buyu", in an effort to strengthen weak spots, turn crisis into opportunity and break through adversity.
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