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Design innovation helps the sustainable development of home textile industry

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  Data show that since 2000, China's home textile industry has been growing at an annual rate of more than 20%. In 2007, the output value of China's home textile industry reached 790 billion yuan. In 2008, the output value of the home textile industry reached 880 billion yuan. In 2009, the output value of the national home textile industry reached 900 billion yuan, and the total market value was about 500 billion yuan…

  But in 2013, experienced the rapid development of the home textile industry began to slow down, the market is gradually weak. Insiders claim that the home textile industry in 2013 is facing opportunities and challenges. At present, the product classification, design style, business model and other aspects of each home textile brand in the domestic home textile industry all present the trend of homogenization development. In the home textile industry at such a stage easy to be copied and imitated, the enterprise's independent innovation, research and development, take the line of differentiation has become its winning weapon.

  Xu Xingjian, director of China Home Textile Product Design Center, said that the future of home textile industry is still bright, but at present, what home textile enterprises need to do is to change the way of development, use culture to create value, improve product added value, complete brand contribution and achieve sustainable development. Coincidentally, Yang Zhaohua, President of China Home Textile Industry Association, after analyzing the current situation and development trend of the industry, proposed three power points of the home textile industry in 2013: expanding domestic demand, stabilizing export and promoting innovation.

  Throughout the domestic home textile industry leading enterprises, research and development innovation as an important core competitiveness. Rich Anna was established in two decades, continue to adhere to the product research and development investment and innovation, every year, with all its more than 200 new designs, more than 800 new product, and is the country with the largest number of independent intellectual property rights in the industry enterprise, one of home textile industry is also using the new material, new technology, new technology of most enterprises. Lin Guofang, chairman of Fuanna Home Textiles, once said: "For the home textile industry and the whole textile industry, technological innovation in hardware is not difficult, difficult is' soft power ', and soft power is independent design ability. Without independent design, first-class hardware equipment can only produce third-class goods. Therefore, adhering to independent design is the key to the survival of home textile brands, especially high-end brands."
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