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Home textile industry takes advantage of e-commerce to walk out of the winter

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  In recent years, in the overall cold environment of the textile and garment industry, the development of the home textile industry has encountered obstacles, emerging silk quality to a certain extent affected the development of the home textile industry. However, under the unfavorable development environment, the home textile industry could walk out of the cold winter and develop rapidly last year, which is inseparable from the high growth of home textile e-commerce business.

  Traditional industries are hit by the impact of home textile sales in the cold season

  In the face of increasingly fierce industry competition, the traditional offline sales are impacted, especially with the improvement of people's living standard, the pressure of rising prices, rising textile costs, rising rents, etc., makes some smes face the survival crisis. In addition, the home textile industry is an industry with obvious sales characteristics. Home textile products change quickly with the seasons. Only by traditional offline marketing, home textile products will be neglected in the off-season.

  Home textile enterprises take advantage of e-commerce to develop online channels

  With the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, and the growing number of online shoppers, the home textile e-commerce industry has been driven by the rapid development. Many home textile enterprises have used The e-commerce platform of Yihubaiying and similar Textile channel of South China City Network ( to develop channels and develop multi-line markets to promote the marketing and promotion of home textile industry. Fuanna Home Textile is one of the successful cases of successfully exploiting channels and promoting the marketing through e-commerce.

  Famous home textile enterprises online marketing revenue optimistic

  According to statistics from, in the "Double 11" Taobao war in 2013, Fuanna Home Textile won the champion of home textile sales steadily. The turnover on the day of Double 11 was nearly 80 million yuan, and about 190,000 goods were sold. Hu Zhenchao, fuana's secretary, said e-commerce sales rose to 15 percent in 2013, with nearly 300 million yuan in sales, up from nearly 9 percent in 2012. Hu said that the gross profit margin of online products is not low, which is between direct-sale stores and franchised stores. As the proportion of e-commerce increases further this year, the revenue of e-commerce business is also optimistic.

  Channel reported that south China textile city network ( as a professional online platform, the textile industry in 3 m offline entities textile merchants strong backing, 50000 times of supply and demand match, 4000 known network location easily enquiries, 20000 kinds of high quality textile products liberally selected, 172 union media promotion campaign, 1 million monthly supply advertisement, can help enterprises to promote the effective packing, effective help home textile enterprises to develop business.

  Online and offline "two-legged" walking is developing rapidly

  Online marketing and traditional offline marketing should not be opposite sales channels, but the transformation and improvement of the multiplication effect on traditional channels, so as to create a matrix performance model of virtual and real cooperation. Home textile enterprises can continue to develop familiar traditional offline businesses, and at the same time use industry platforms such as South China City Textile Channel to strengthen the emerging online marketing, implement the "two-legged" walk, and successfully walk out of the gloom of development.

  The application of e-commerce in the home textile industry has a transformative effect on the traditional home textile enterprises, especially in the targeted solution to the bottleneck of the home textile industry, is a new technological revolution. If home textile enterprises can effectively use online platforms such as to develop channels, carry out diversified marketing and find important means of breakthrough against the trend, I believe they can find a way to break through e-commerce.
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