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Medium and long-term development of domestic home textile industry is still optimistic

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  According to the newly released analysis on the economic operation of home textile industry, in the first quarter of this year, 1,799 enterprises above the scale counted by the National Bureau of Statistics realized the main business income of 55.7 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 10.7%. The total industrial output value of the 13 industrial clusters in the first quarter was 51.4 billion yuan, up 14.8% year-on-year. The above data show that the home textile industry as a whole maintained a healthy development this year, despite a certain degree of fluctuation caused by multiple uncertainties last year.

  Industry analysts have expressed the domestic home textile industry is still optimistic about the medium - and long-term development. They believe that China's textile industry is in its infancy, from expanding domestic demand the policy of deepening implementation, domestic spending in the economy of rising, home textile industry at present stage of development and the reality gap factors such as view, home textile products accounted for the proportion of the entire consumer products is not high, each enterprise in the industry's market share is very small, presents the characteristics of the "big business, small business". Therefore, if the economic development and the steady increase of residents' income, the acceleration of urbanization, improvement of housing conditions, changes in consumption concepts and other driving factors can continue to maintain, the home textile industry is expected to maintain a steady growth trend.

  However, although the medium - and long-term development prospects of the home textile industry is worth looking forward to, but hidden under the cloak of "steady growth", is the inevitable pain of the industry - homogenized competition is increasing. At present, the domestic home textile industry home textile brand design style, product classification, business model and other aspects of the homogenized development trend is more and more obvious. How to break through the homogeneous competition is one of the most important problems for every home textile enterprise.

  It is reported that, in order to further avoid homogeneous competition, fu Anna, one of the leading enterprises in the home textile industry, chooses to use the "differentiation" route to highlight the homogenization. Since the beginning of its establishment, Fuanna has been adhering to independent design, r&d and innovation as the company's main core competitiveness. Over the past 20 years, fuanna has unswervingly taken the road of "art home textile" brand. Reported that fu Anna rolls out new products, in the fall and winter of 2013 with "sparrow yue China" as the theme, the peacock as the main design inspiration, bold use gold, blue, such as colour, leopard grain, will this year qiu dong the animal and plant elements of fashion and popular color for pioneering, the ingenious combination of artistry, intuitive reflect the rich Anna novel and unique creative design.

  Professional analysis, points out that in the increasingly fierce competition of home textile market, rich Anna is rare in home textile market with the demands of product design for the company, its difference style designed for its homogeneity product competition, strong ability of product design is the company's long-term development of the core competitiveness, to maintain the differentiation of the high-end image, guide consumption, enhance the brand image. In a word, Fuanna has been adhering to the differentiation route from beginning to end to avoid homogeneous competition, which is the root of its long-term development.
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