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Home textile product display tips

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  How to make good use of display in practice to create a good atmosphere to impress customers, so that they can accept the enterprise's brand and buy its products? Here are some tips for product display from the following perspectives:

  One, window display

  The window is the melting shrinkage of the whole store display, is the main window of the corporate image, is the first impression left to customers. There is a saying: "As many eyeballs as we attract potential customers, so we carefully design the window according to sales needs and seasonal changes, in order to attract more customers' attention, so we need to consider the unity of color, style and theme.

  Window displays usually sell well in the season. The main promotion, window display can also add a series of props according to the season, theme and other elements. But it must correspond with the goods on display. If spring and summer season should use color medium or cool color props, give a person fresh and lively feeling, such as green, blue; In autumn and winter, some warm colors such as red and orange are used to give people a warm and warm feeling. Also can arrange a series of props related to enterprise culture at the same time.

  Window display is a close relative of brand design and the forefront of visual marketing. It provides a specific image platform for the strengthening and display of brand image. In order to display products more accurately and vividly, the following principles should be followed: systematization, serialization, convenience, individuality and diversification, conceptualization. The props for window display include: models, background, lighting, lining products, POP, objects used to create a sense of hierarchy (runway), decorations to create atmosphere, and so on.

  Two, display bed display

  Beds display collocation and combination, due to the limited display space, in order to maximize the use of space, usually on a bed or a separate area for different product portfolio, mainly on a product, on the basis of the additional display of another product, but must grasp the display principle: the same kind of specifications and models, different colors are combined; Combination of similar colors and different products.

  Iii. Display of display cases

  In the current high cabinet display, all home textile enterprises tend to display disassembled parts, that is, product unpackaged display (naked exhibition), which helps to create an actual atmosphere, display products, and directly stimulate customers' desire to buy.

  A. Color matching of horizontal counters

  Display colors from cold to warm: light green -- dark green -- light blue -- dark blue -- gray -- light yellow -- light red -- red. Conversely, display from warm to cold. Display light and shade by color: white - light gray - light yellow - light pink - red, otherwise display from dark to light.

  B. Color matching principle for vertical counters

  Vertical color is the same color collocation; If red department: light red, pink, bright red, deep red and so on; In gray collocation: light gray, dark gray, gray, etc., in addition to the color sequence, display and sales service, 1, 5 meters and 50 centimeters tall ark is visual gold, this paragraph a best to place new products and the best selling goods, other paragraph a display, the top usually display need recommended products, the lower is usually the sales cycle into the product of the transformation.

  Above from the window, exhibition bed, exhibition cabinet three pieces of display to explain, and a complete store is not only simple these three pieces, but also through the combination of collocation, lighting, and props decoration can better show the product, so we need to constantly compare and observe; Because the display effect is good or bad is directly related to the terminal sales work, the end is to make products achieve the last link of commodity value, products from the production to consumers' hands, the value of the extensive work depends on the terminal sales, but to really do the good, do through terminal is not easy, so to do terminal, it is necessary to start from the most basic display terminal, it is to show the product and the brand image of the most effective and practical method.
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