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The third exhibition PK competition fully explored the exhibition art

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  In order to further enhance the influence of products, improve terminal display, enhance the awareness of supervisors and store managers on display, and improve the image of products and the company. HOdo red bean home textile began to warm up the third HOdo Red bean home textile Flower Exhibition PK, all self-owned stores and franchised stores as a whole to participate. After more than a month, the final PK was held in Changjiang Literature and Art Association on May 10, and the top three and encouragement awards were awarded for franchised stores and direct stores. The competition was held by the HOdo Home Textile League branch, members of the first and second HOdo home Textile franchise and direct stores participated in the competition. The factory director, operation manager, display division, supervisor and other relevant departments of the company formed the judging panel, and the chairman of Changjiang Company Wang Zhuqian attended the judging scene and gave guidance.

  Franchising and direct store separate evaluation of the form, the purpose is to store and direct store display works collection, at the same time, the selection, the final final, for the final franchise and direct store awards. The competition requires franchisees and direct stores to provide high counter display, key area display and creative window display photos as the entries. Competition from the outstanding theme, colour is tie-in, harmonious and unified, color vision wallop, display technique for scoring in five aspects, the innovation consciousness, the napa stores and stores play team cooperation spirit, combined with the style of the product, series, the law of relatively concentrated display area, surrounding the display theme, create a distinctive overall atmosphere. And the use of color three elements of the collocation principle, coordination of comparative color and uniform color, the use of simple and complex techniques and reasonable accessories, highlight new products and recommended products, strengthen the sense of hierarchy, highlight product characteristics, to provide customers with a strong visual influence. After a fierce competition, the final franchised stores and direct stores were won by Changzhou Jintan Store and Jiangyin Huasi store respectively.

  Counters and window displays, as important means of display in home textile stores, play a decisive role in brand affinity, product image and sales performance. The third exhibition PK competition continued the purpose of the previous two competitions, and further promoted stores' attention to display design, comprehensively displayed the beauty of home textile, and enhanced the terminal competitiveness of retail brands. This competition is on the basis of the first two sessions to improve the customer's cognition of the product, strengthen the understanding of the product and prop connection; Improve the visual image of the store, using display art to display products and brand charm; To improve the display level of home textile counter and fully display product characteristics; Through art display, promote the profitability of terminal stores as the goal, effectively and powerfully promote the healthy development of red bean home textile.

  Behind the exquisite display of the terminal stores, HOdo home Textiles embodies the efforts and sweat of the people. Every store, every store manager and store clerk is carving pieces of fine art to show the charm of the brand. Every HOdo home textile person is full of happiness and beauty in their heart. They feel the visual impact brought by art in the display, and interpret the trust and sincerity to the red bean home textile brand in the display. This competition is not only a competition among members who love home textiles and display, but also an art feast with positive energy for improving store display skills.
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