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  Anhui Yitanmeng Home Textile Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive services of home textile for supermarkets, shopping malls and exclusive stores, a unique lifestyle of artistic home furnishing for tens of millions of consumers. Business scope of the city and surrounding cities.

  "Customer first, integrity-based" is our company's consistent service philosophy. Honesty, the way of the day, honesty, the way of the people. Good faith not only determines the social identity and status of a market subject, but also is an intangible asset that can be appreciated. Enterprises in the service of the "from the customer, to the customer" attitude, to each customer must have the same integrity.

  Customer-oriented and market-oriented; With professional talents, professional knowledge, professional experience, professional procedures to treat each project seriously, so that customers enjoy cost-effective services. At the same time, we should properly handle the relationship with customers and partners to achieve common development and benefit. Steadfastly serve every customer, ensure customer safety, rest assured to enjoy the company's products and services.

  To sincere, fast service to meet the needs of consumers in a comprehensive, maximum limit. Constantly absorb the opinions of users, constantly improve the management, always committed to serving the community's goals and aspirations.

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